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Arsenal Boss Blames Barcelona ‘Killer Team Bus’ for Champion’s League Home Defeat



A clearly shaken Wenger pictured contemplating team bus-related carnage last night


Following last night’s comprehensive 2-0 defeat to Barcelona in the European Champions League tie at The Emirates Stadium, Arsenal team boss, Arsene Wenger, was in combative mood as he blamed the Barcelona team bus for his side’s ignominious home defeat.

A clearly furious Wenger told a post-match press conference: “The manner in which the Barcelona team bus entered the car park at the stadium was an absolute disgrace. The driver must have been doing at least 10 miles an hour as he turned into the gates and if my players had been lying down in front of it at the time, and not been in the dressing room, every last one of them could have been killed. This clearly affected our boys and gave the Barcelona side an unfair advantage. It’s very difficult to take”

Wenger’s outburst comes just 3 months after he sacked the Arsenal groundsman for repeatedly erecting posts at both ends of the ground and not just the end his team were attacking.

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