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Dave Lee Travis Groped Chimp Using A Hand On A Spring Claims Sir David Attenborough

dave lee travis

Convicted nonce, Travis, pictured in happier times. Probably on board a pirate radio ship or something.


More shame was heaped on disgraced BBC radio DJ, Dave Lee Travis, last night, as TV naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, made the claim that he once caught him fondling a juvenile chimp at one of the famous Chimp’s Tea Parties at London Zoo in the 60s, using an extendible hand on a spring.

Speaking at a black tie dinner at The Royal Geographical Society last night, Attenborough, 137, said.

“It was in 1967 and I was presenting Zoo Time in the absence of Dr Desmond Morris who was on holiday. I was sitting amongst a group of young chimps who were pouring tea over each other, pulling the cloth from the table and fighting over the biscuits. I noticed that one of the younger members of the group had become a little withdrawn and was rather detached from the activities. I thought perhaps it’s nappy needed changing so I went to pick it up.

“It was then that I noticed a large hand on a spring fondling it’s upper buttocks. The operator had pulled it’s nappy down, revealing the red, puffy bit around its arse.

“I immediately grabbed the hand and yanked on it hard. To my surprise Dave Lee Travis stumbled from some bushes with the operating device gripped in both hands. He seemed flustered, and when I challenged him he told me that he was “a tactile, huggy sort of person” and that it was “just a bit of fun”

“I later reported the incident to the then Controller Of The BBC who assured me that the board were well aware of Travis’s weakness for young primates and that it would be taken care of. Nothing ever came of it of course, so I can only assume it was swept under the carpet to protect the corporation’s reputation”

This latest revelation comes just weeks after another former BBC Radio One DJ, and the host of popular game show, Deal Or No Deal, Noel Edmonds, was arrested and charged with historical sexual abuse after the presenter of ITV’s The Wild Show, Michaela Strachen, claimed to have seen the 72 year old pleasuring himself in front of a tank containing baby Stick Insects at Bristol Zoo in 1995.

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