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Ninety Five Per Cent Of Men Think Hugh Grant And Colin Firth Are Good Fighters Claims Survey

hugh grant

Grant and Firth’s infamous street rumble. Photo by Popular Homosexual.


A poll, conducted amongst British men between the ages of 18 and 65 by the Office Of National Statistics, has revealed that at least 95% of the men surveyed thought that the decidedly shambolic, low key, fight between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in the movie, Bridget Jones’ Diary, was “a right good tear-up” and mirrored the man-to-man  tussles they had experienced themselves, while 5% thought that the two protagonists fought “like a couple of big girlies” and should have used weapons of some description.

A parallel survey, conducted amongst women in the same age group, revealed that 3%  thought they “ought to know better”, 37% said that, had they been present,they would  have shouted out “Just leave it Hugh/Colin. He’s not worth it!”; while the remaining 60% said they would “cheerfully drink their bath water”

The Press Association


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