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the queen meme

Her Majesty pictured on the throne last night

Buckingham Palace last night furiously denied claims that Her Majesty, The Queen, made an inappropriate remark to Chinese President, Xi Jingpin, shortly before he rose to address diners at a state banquet held in his honour on Tuesday evening.

According to a lip-reader employed by The Sun newspaper, Her Majesty tapped President Xi on the arm moments before he addressed diners in the banqueting suite at Buckingham Palace and said: “I hope your speech isn’t going to be a long one Mr President as I’m dying for a piss”

According to the lip-reader, The Queen then expressed her  discomfort to Prince William – seated next to her, who then allegedly replied: “Fuck’s sake nan. You should have gone before we left”

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson last night utterly refuted the claim “Her Majesty would never say such a thing to an honoured guest. In any case, it’s common knowledge that she doesn’t have bodily functions like ordinary people. She has servants who do that sort of thing for her”

This latest alleged incident came just hours after a similar faux pas during President Xi’s address to parliament when Prime Minister, David Cameron, was overheard asking opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn if there was going to be a pig’s head at the buffet afterwards.

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Soz Satire’s TV Choice: Triple Bill Spectacular!


Channel 5 21.oo – Thieves And Thugs Caught On Camera. Fly-0n-the-wall documentary charting a typical day at Conservative Party HQ.

BBC 4 22.00 – Wild China. Tragic account of a furniture removal man who was savagely attacked and maimed by a Ming Vase.

More 4 21.00 – World’s Worst Natural Disasters – A midwife’s harrowing tale of how she assisted in the birth of Simon Cowell.

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