If you’d like to submit to me, please leave your name and address below and I’ll come round and put you in an arm lock as soon as possible.


10 responses to “Submissions

  1. Also, I quite like the idea of a manly arm about my torso/throat in a “Darcy type fashion”.

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    • A submission is a journalistic term for a piece of copy “submitted” to the sub editor for butchery and is not a chance to get Mr Darcy in a boston crab dear. *lights pipe and has a touch of the vapours*


  2. Mrs Margrette Missile

    I shall be writing a very long letter to the editor.
    Mrs Margrette Missile
    The Poloponies

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  3. I shall send my thumb print to the editor for due consideration.
    The Gillingham FC Reserve Team ‘Dyslexic’ Goalkeeper who can’t remember his name because he’s chosen life this way because he can’t spell it either.
    The 12th. man,
    Rainham End,


  4. To the Honourable Sir Clive,
    I would like to offer you my acquiescence, tractableness and conformability for your perusal, manipulation and foible-ferreting pleasure.
    However, as I have had some new medications prescribed for me by me GP, wot I am currently taking (not the GP, the medications), I’m not sure if I am actually writing this or dreaming writing this.
    Either way I apologise. I think.
    Yours (anyone’s really) Inchcockski

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  5. I’ve never submitted anything before. Transmitted yes …
    So how does one go about this?
    Yours, Her Royal Heinous

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    • Well, it’s like this Your Madge. You send me in a piece of copy, which I then sub-edit until it’s a mere shadow of its former, glorious self. I then post it on that interweb, watch happily as it goes viral, take the plaudits and pocket the wonga. How does that sound Your Highness?
      Christ, where did she go? Not even a royal pardon 😦


  6. eths

    What happened to Whitechapel Whelk? I used to get them daily.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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