My God you’re ugly!

I told you it was personal didn’t I?

More uncalled for, deeply hurtful, insults in just a few moments folks.

7 responses to “Personal

  1. Definitely the most personal ‘pesonal’ section I ever encountered. Ouch;)

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  2. How will you be able to collect, though? 🙂 Very entertaining page you have here. I came by way of Uncle Spike.


    • sozsatire

      Thank you very much. It’s just something I cobbled together with a few pieces of french chalk and a couple of pairs of Uncle Spike’s sharkskin posing thongs.
      Thank you for your patronage and may I just say, you don’t look 95. Have you had any work done? I know Uncle Spike has but he refuses to talk about it.


      • Lol. And I really laughed out loud.
        Yup, everything’s been tweaked. Head to toe. Haha. It’s the heat in our country, melts away all the old wrinkly stuff- and the fats too!
        You don’t say about uncle spike? And I thought it was good genes.



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