Harry and Meghan step back from royal duties to form mixed tag wrestling team

harryGive a girl a grapple? Harry and Meghan pictured in church last Tuesday

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stunned the media and royal watchers alike last night when they made the joint announcement that they are stepping away from their royal duties to form a tag wrestling duo that will compete in the resurgent British professional wrestling league.

Speaking to newsmen last night, Meghan, resplendent in wrestling trunks and ring boots, with Harry at her side in just a jewelled leotard, said: “My husband and I have decided to withdraw from the media spotlight to concentrate on becoming the world champeens of tag wrestling.

“We’ve always been massive fans of the sport and often spend Saturday afternoons watching archive footage of the wrestling on World of Sport in the olden days with Kent Walton as commentator.

“My favourite is Giant Haystacks but Harry likes Mick McManus and Kendo Nagasaki.

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