Facebook to introduce, Odious, Right-Wing, Knuckle-Dragger List


Social media giant, Facebook, is to give users of the platform the chance to move people on their friends list, who exhibit, unsavoury, extreme right-wing tendencies, into a category that will run in tandem with their regular friends list but will keep these individuals isolated and unable to vent their swivel-eyed rantings on the user’s timeline.

A spokesman for Facebook told newsmen last night: “We’ve all had people on our lists who, completely out of the blue, begin barking out vitriolic, neo-nazi diatribes during a reasoned discussion on a political issue, such as Brexit, or Britain’s relationship with the Trump administration.

“We have therefore decided to introduce an Odious, Right-Wing, Knuckle-Dragger List where users can consign these ocean-going fucknuts to cyber oblivion.”

This latest move comes after Facebook was recently presented with a 50-million-strong online petition, calling for people who post pictures of their dinners or their unpleasant-looking children to be turned out of their homes and then hunted down by armed gangs with dogs.

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