Battered ISIS withdraw to Arbroath

arbroath-isis-in-articleHaving lost their strongholds in Syria and Iraq, Islamic State forces have pulled back to the small Scottish town of Arbroath, where they are set to make a defiant last stand.

More than 200 fighters are holed up in bed and breakfast accommodation in and around the town centre where they remain defiant as thousands of Russian-backed Syrian forces mass on the perimeter.

Local people were divided on the issue when we spoke to a few last night:

Tobias McDell, a boilermaker aged 57, told us: “I’ve no real problem with the ISIS boys, to be fair.

“They’ve not been any trouble at all. In fact, they’ve provided a welcome boost to local shopkeepers by buying loads of fags and drink.”

McDell’s wife, Mary, 53, was less enthusiastic: “They’ve been a damn nuisance ever since they got here.

“They caused a bloody great queue in the butchers last week, and…

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