I fantasise about fat middle-aged men in string vests says, Mrs Tom Hardy

The Whitechapel Whelk

tom hardy 2A badly out-of-shape Hardy pictured looking as rough as a badger’s arse last night

The wife of hunky actor, Tom Hardy, has told a magazine that she routinely thinks about overweight middle-aged men in grimy underwear during lovemaking bouts with her sex symbol husband.

Mrs Charlotte Hardy, 35, told OK magazine: “The only reason I stay with Tom is for the money. If he was skint, I’d leave him like a shot”

“I know millions of women envy me and think that he’s a real babe, but to me, he looks like shit on a stick.

“To be honest, when Tom gets fruity in bed and hops on board, I switch the bedside lamp off so that I don’t have to look at his sweaty dial and imagine I’m being ravished by a 56-year-old furniture porter from Shoreditch, wearing a greasy string vest and really baggy Y-Front Jockey underpants.


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