7 Things You May Not Know About Sarah Huckabee Sanders

sarah1: Sarah was born in the English town of Sheffield where she represented ‘The Steel City’ at cricket and rugby union at the tender age of 7

2: Sarah lost her virginity aged 35 to a Chilean communist coal miner. She later paid to have him murdered after complaining that the light on his helmet hurt her eyes

3: She has a collection of Donald Trump’s underpants and always wears a pair during White House press briefings, claiming that she can ‘feel his essence’ when answering tricky questions

5: She can play a number of popular tunes by slapping her double chins, and, as a youngster, once gave a rendition of I Was Born Under A Wandering Star at Nancy Regan’s 80th birthday party

6: Her sexual appetite is enormous and she once cavorted with 37 detective constables in just under an hour at the 92nd Policeman’s Ball in London…

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