Whitechapel man dumps girlfriend following iron vagina confession.

pretty girl iron vagina Ferrous fanny? A pretty girl pictured earlier, but does she secretly have an iron vagina?

A 20-year-old local man has ended his 2-year relationship with his 19-year-old girlfriend after she confessed that she has an iron vagina, we can reveal.

Toby Dell, a forklift truck salesman, told The Whelk: “We’d had a few drinks while we were watching Netflix at her flat last Saturday night when she blurted out that she had an iron vagina.

“She explained that she’d had it fitted when she was 16 by a previous boyfriend who was a metal fabricator.

“He told her that it would last much longer than a conventional one, and, that if she avoided going out in the rain naked, it would last for her entire lifetime.

“Naturally, I was shocked and disgusted and told her to get out.

“She refused on the grounds that it was her flat so I…

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