DVD of England V Scotland World Cup clash receives muted reaction north of the border.


Angry Scottish players surround the ref after a disputed penalty is awarded to England in the olden days

The DVD released by the English FA of last night’s World Cup clash between, “The Auld Enemies’, England and Scotland, which focuses almost entirely on England’s last-gasp equaliser and the reactions from England fans and coaching staff, has met with a less-than-enthusiastic response from soccer fans north of the border.
The 123-minute DVD, which features Harry Kane’s equalising goal and footage of jubilant England supporters at the final whistle, is padded out with a 2-hour documentary on England’s 1966 World Cup Final triumph over West Germany and features scientific proof that Martin Peters’ controversial third goal in the 4-2 triumph over the hapless Germans crossed the line by at least 3 feet.
One stockist of the DVD, Stephen Hamilton, who runs a small corner shop in Drumchapel, Glasgow, told us that sales of the DVD have been “a wee bit oan the slow side”
“I cannae tell ye exactly how many ah’ve sold because mah wee shop wus burrned doon in the night, so it wus”
In other news, Scottish hospitals reported a large influx of people suffering from heat exhaustion yesterday as the mercury soared to a blistering 4 deg Celcius in some of the more sheltered spots.

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