‘Libertarian’ man’s Facebook friends invade Poland.



Wuff oo babez! A number of Mr Piedade’s Facebook friends pose happily for the camera at a recent pre-invasion get-together.


A 54-year-old man from Burnley in the north of England has expressed his dismay after learning that a number of far-right sympathisers from his Facebook friends list have marched into Poland and have now occupied large swathes of the country.

Mr Jed Piedade, an unemployed florist, told reporters: “I’m a firm believer in free speech and open and sensible debate, so I have always welcomed people with extreme right-wing views onto my Facebook friends list with a view to sensible, well-intentioned discourse

“I’ve even actively trawled through a number of crypto-fascist Facebook groups, looking for particularly unpleasant types to add to my friends list in the hope of gently wooing them away from their neo-nazi beliefs by using carefully-worded, and hopefully, persuasive, reasoned arguments.

“I have to say, however, that thus far, I’ve had absolutely no success whatsoever, and indeed, have been subjected to a fair amount of hate-filled abuse on occasion, but the news that a number have now invaded Poland is particularly disappointing.”

It is now being reported that an armed division of Mr Piedade’s Twitter followers have annexed The Sudetenland and have begun building a number of concentration camps along the border with Germany.


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