Angry fans of rock and roll legend, Chuck Berry, have reacted furiously to what they deem to be disrespectful behaviour towards their idol by victims of child rape, claiming they were decidedly slow in coming forward to praise the late “Johnny B Goode” star and convicted paedophile following his death on Saturday.

We spoke to one outraged fan who had filled his Facebook and Twitter feeds with tributes to Berry throughout yesterday.

“It’s so disrespectful and small-minded of the victims of child rape to shun the great man in this way.

“Sure we all knew he had a predilection for having sex with children, that he paid 1.5 million bucks to women that he’d filmed going to the bathroom at his restaurant and that he served time in jail for trafficking a minor, but people need to forget all that trivial shit and concentrate on the effect the man had on the development of rock through the years. You know, important shit like that”

We also spoke to a 65-year-old woman who had been repeatedly raped by a man during her pre-teen years, who told us: “I can understand why people admire Mr Berry and it’s only right that they be allowed to express their upset at his death. However, I’d rather not do that and I’m sorry if I’ve upset anybody by keeping my own counsel on this one”

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