Whelk Exclusive: ‘Rowdy’ Obamas ejected from late night Whitechapel drinking den.

The Whitechapel Whelk

barack-and-michelle-barack-obama-2739161-690-458 Paralytic. Mrs Obama leans on her husband for support shortly before they were thrown out of the club

from our political piss-ups editor, Danny SoZ

Just hours after leaving The White House, which had been their home for the last 8 years, Michelle and Barack Obama were spotted drinking heavily in an illegal drinking and gambling den. or ‘speiler’, in London’s East End, from where they were later ejected by door staff who threw them into an alleyway via the fire exit.

According to reports, the pair were already in an inebriated condition when they arrived at around midnight last night. A witness told us that the former president told him that they’d had a “good skinful” on the Marine One helicopter on the way over.

“They were both unsteady on their feet,” the witness said. “Mrs Obama kept taking swigs from a hip flask and the president was drinking…

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