‘Cheerful’ Facebook woman found hanged


Mrs Harris as she appears in her Facebook avatar


A 35-year-old woman, described by friends as “always cheerful” has been found hanged at her bungalow in Lowestoft in Suffolk.

Mrs Jennifer Harris, a divorced mother of six, was found by a heating engineer who had gone to her home to carry out a repair on her boiler on Monday afternoon.

Mrs Harris was a keen user of social media, particularly Facebook, where she had over a thousand friends.

One of them told us last night: “This has come as a real shock. Jenny was the life and soul of my timeline. She was always so cheerful and full of life. She seemed to be so happy and content with life and always had an exciting new project on the horizon, whether it was foreign travel or just planning another weekend partying with her many friends. I’ll certainly miss her and her regular updates on how great her life is”

A neighbour of Mrs Harris, however, had a different view. Toby Dell, 45, told us: “She was a bit of a recluse, to be honest, and when she did venture out to buy groceries she seemed as miserable as sin. She had no visitors as far as I know and everyone around here thought she was a right pain in the arse. I’m not surprised she hanged herself to be honest”

Police are not treating her death as suspicious and believe her suicide may have been triggered by Facebook changing the ‘message’ icon at the top of people’s timelines.


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