The Queen is dead and Obama is responsible: Russia Today.



The Queen pictured hours before she was murdered according to Russia Today


Fake News artists and Vladimir Putin media puppets, Russia Today, are sensationally claiming that Her Majesty, The Queen, is dead and that United States President, Barack Obama, killed her.

In today’s leader, they claim that Obama shot The Queen with a poison-tipped dart as she boarded a helicopter last week.

“The Queen of England was being helped to climb aboard a helicopter en route to Sandringham last week when President Obama shot her in the back of the neck with a dart from a blowpipe.” claims the 500-word article.

“He was hiding behind some wheelie bins and used hunting skills that he’d picked up in Africa, where he was born and spent the first 40 years of his life.

“The Queen died a few hours later, which is why she hasn’t attended church over the festive period.

“If The Queen does make a public appearance in future, it won’t be her. It will be that lady who goes around impersonating her for money. The British will be too scared to publically accuse Obama of murder in case he comes back and takes out Prince Philip as well”

In other news, Russia Today claim that they dropped a shipment of teddy bears on a children’s hospital in Aleppo yesterday, which flies directly in the face of accounts from witnesses on the ground who claimed they were barrel bombs.

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