Brexit backlash: Theresa May pushed over in the corridor at EU summit



Visibly shaken: Mrs May pictured shortly after her ordeal


It is being reported that British prime minister, Theresa May, was confronted by a small gang of European Union leaders in the corridor outside the debating chamber of the EU headquarters in Brussels on Thursday night.

Eye witnesses claim she had her hair pulled before being pushed to the ground by jeering EU heads of state.

The Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, who was present when the incident took place, told journalists that trouble seemed to be on the cards earlier on when a number of the leaders of the other 27 countries attending refused to speak to May, who was at the preliminary Brexit discussions as an observer.

“There was definitely some bad feeling towards Mrs May” he said. “I saw the Portuguese prime minister deliberately barge into her as she entered the room, making her spill her drink. A few minutes later, the Greek Secretary of State for Europe lifted his leg and farted while he was standing next to her before running away laughing. Not long after that, I saw the deputy prime minister of Luxembourg pull her chair away as she was about to sit down in the dinner hall.

“The EU Parliament president, Martin Shultz, quickly stepped in at this point and told him not to do it again as she could have broken her back.

“After that, it was mainly petty stuff. A few leaders started flicking peas across the table at her, the Italian PM nicked a couple of her roast spuds, and I saw the Croatian president pull her hair and run away.

“When she was pushed over in the corridor, I ran over and helped her up. She was crying and said she was going home, so I said I’d walk her to the bus stop with a couple of mates in case anyone else tried to start something.”

This incident looks like further souring Britain’s relationship with the EU, with some political insiders fearing that it could lead to Britain having to stay at home revising for Article 50 during the summer next year while the rest of the EU goes off to party in Ibiza and Greece and other popular European sunspots.

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