Letterz to the editor



Dear SoZ Satire

Why don’t they put a stop to all this furore over building a third runway at Heathrow by simply building it on the soon-to-be vacant site of the ‘Jungle’ migrant camp in Calais. That way, nobody would have to lose their homes and all the refugees that are hiding from the French authorities in the woods nearby could come out and work as baggage handlers or air traffic control personnel.

Gus Uterus



Dear SoZ Satire

During the second World War surely it would have been better not to have used a closet homosexual like Alan Turing as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park. Imagine how much quicker we could have deciphered important messages from the Germans if the bloke given the task wasn’t constantly looking at the other mathematician’s arses. I mean to say, it would be like asking me to do the crossword surrounded by naked Page 3 bints.

Albie Urinal-Mint

Also From Whitechapel



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2 responses to “Letterz to the editor

  1. Your readers are clearly a great bunch of towering intellectuals – these sorts of letters remind me that I am reading pure bloody quality, dear chap.

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