Sales of Anti-Diarrhoea Remedies Peak as More Soccer Bosses Face Exposure


According to The British Pharmaceutical Society, sales of stomach calming products, such as, Immodium and Kaolin and Morphine have soared in the last week following the exposure of England soccer boss, Sam Allardyce, by The Daily Telegraph who have threatened to reveal further corruption amongst top level officials and managers later this week.

One chemist, in North London told us that a high profile, Premier League club manager came into his shop yesterday and bought his entire stock of Diocalm, paying over £1000 in cash for the anti-diarrhoea product.

The chemist refused to name the man in question, but he did tell us that he wasn’t British and that he had asked if the tablets “were deefeecult to take”

According to reports, the sale of chamomile tea, worry beads and adult nappies have also reached unprecedented heights in the Manchester area.


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