Whitechapel’s Oldest Couple Manage Last Flaming Row Before Dying Within Minutes of Each Other

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The Whitechapel Whelk

old-couple-fighting Toby and Mary pictured in happier times

A man of 106 and his wife of 103 have poignantly died in bed together at their home in Whitechapel. It is believed that they managed to have one last noisy bust up before passing away within minutes of each other at their home in Commercial Road.

Mr Toby Dell and his wife, Mary, had been married for 85 years and were, by some distance, Whitechapel’s oldest surviving married couple until last Thursday.

A neighbour and close friend, Mr Danny SoZ, 19, told The Whelk: “They were absolutely inseparable. You rarely saw one without the other. Mind you, they didn’t seem to get on all that well and were constantly rowing. It was usually about Toby’s drinking, but he would have a go back about the affair she had with the rent man in the 1930s.

“On the night they died they were…

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