World Sniggers as Gabon Re-Elect President Ali Bongo


ali bongo

President Ali Bongo looks grim-faced as the Swedish delegate falls off his chair laughing at a UN conference


There was widespread chuckling amongst heads of government and their representatives yesterday when it was announced that, President Ali Bongo of Gabon, had been re-elected to office after a narrow two-point victory.

We spoke to a number of delegates as they entered The United Nations Building in New York last night and asked for their reaction to the news. The American delegate told us: “Ali what? You’re kidding me, right?”

The British delegate was equally dismissive and derisory. “Ali Bongo you say? So what, are they putting on a magic show for us now?”

However, a spokesman for the Gabon embassy in London hit back strongly at the critics: “Ok, I’ll admit that Ali Bongo isn’t the greatest name for a head of state, but at least we’re not as big a joke as the Yanks. Those guys are on the brink of electing a man named after a big smelly botty burp”

President Bongo is being sworn into office at the weekend, after which he is flying off to begin peace talks with President Jumbo Pants of The Central African Republic.


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