Love Cheat R2-D2 Turned Me Into Crazed Jihadist Claims Dusty Bin

Dusty Bin Laden - Blank Meme

3-2-1 game show legend, Dusty Bin, last night made the sensational claim that the promiscuous behaviour of his erstwhile lover, R2-D2, led to his radicalisation by Islamic extremists

Bin, who now wishes to be known as, Dusty Bin Laden, told The Whelk that Star Wars icon, D2, who died aged 39 last weekend, was a serial love cheat who had a string of clandestine affairs with a series of other screen robots. Bin told us that the diminutive droid boasted openly of bedding a number of Daleks, a cyberman, Robbie The Robot out of Lost in Space, and even, Wall-E, who he seduced during a family holiday to California.

Bin has now embraced Islam and has sworn to crush the infidel and to help establish Sharia Law across the world.

“I used to be a Baptist until R2 started sleeping around,” he told us. “Now, because of him, I won’t rest until myself and my Muslim brothers are marching in triumph over the twitching bodies of the slain infidels. Inshallah.”

Mr Bin has asked that his fee for this interview be donated to The London Sanctuary For Distressed Mad Mullahs



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2 responses to “Love Cheat R2-D2 Turned Me Into Crazed Jihadist Claims Dusty Bin

  1. The beard sort of suits him.

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