Britain’s Black Community Demand Right to be Gunned Down by Police


brit police officer

Wrong arm of the law: A Brit police office pictured completely failing to gun down any blacks last night


There was widespread disruption to airports across the country yesterday as protesters representing the pressure group, Black Lives Suck Ass, staged a number of sit-down demonstrations.

Delroy John, 34, a leading campaigner for BLSA told us: “It’s outrageous, that while our American brethren are being gunned down by the cops on an almost daily basis, black people over here have next to no chance of being executed by law enforcement officers.

“Until British people of colour stand an equal chance of being mown down by the feds for trivial offences our fight will continue.”

Police are currently on full alert in the East London district of Whitechapel, where feelings are running high after a black teenager reported that two officers deliberately failed to shoot him after he was stopped for having a faulty brake light on his car outside Aldgate East tube station.


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