Clinton Rally Girl Found Hanged After Hairy Armpits Shame


shaving kit

Could these simple items have prevented tragedy?


A 21-year-old girl from New York has taken her own life by hanging herself from the bannisters at her home, after news footage shot at Thursday’s Hillary Clinton Rally, picked her out in the crowd raising a “Go Hillary” placard with unshaven armpits.

Tracy Dell, a secretary, was then subjected to online jibes from family and friends on social media sites, and it was this that her mother claims pushed her over the edge.

Speaking to reporters last night, a tearful Mary Dell, 87, said: “Some of the abuse she received from people she loved and trusted was absolutely shocking. Her best friend called her “Wolfgirl” and her brother asked her if she had Tarzan living right there in her pits.

“To my own shame, I blamed her for the falling share prices in Gilette and Wilkinson Sword. If I had realised what the tragic consequences would be I’d have toned it down a bit in all probability. She’s always been a bit touchy to be fair”

In a bizarre and tragic coincidence, Tracy’s death comes just a few days after a woman at a Donald Trump rally shot a Mexican husband and wife in the parking lot for allegedly displaying, what she later referred to as, “a typical, goddamn wetback attitude” when they were putting their coats on after getting out of their car.


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