Eating Pie and Mash Will Make Your Girlfriend’s Breasts Larger Claim Experts

Donner und titzen!!

Pie and Mash Pic a3 Finished(1)A recent case study has established beyond doubt that men who eat pie and mash with liquor (parsley sauce) have seen their girlfriend’s bust size increase by over 75% in more than 100% of cases.

It is believed, that the combination of minced beef, onion, and pastry, in the pie, along with the mashed potatoes and parsley sauce, sets off a tissue-enhancing chemical reaction inside the breasts of women who are in a relationship with a man who eats the traditional East London dish regularly.

However, the findings also point to the fact that only pie and mash eaten in a traditional London pie and mash shop will have this effect. Men who eat pie and mash at home  report that they have seen no significant growth in their girlfriend’s tits at all.

These findings were brought to you by:
Danny’s Pie and Mash Shop “Increasing Bra Sizes and Lying…

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