Tricky Lyrics Deciphering For Beginners

The Whitechapel Whelk

THIS WEEK: The Rolling Stones: Tumbling Dice.

Mmmmmm mmm yeah! Ooooooooooooh!
Beebe think your pessun but all the time you wessun
Beat me burn a braveller brown
Baby!… Baby!… Dortin too them a frown
All the wimin and slowdowm gablers
Eatin’ like ah donno how
Baaaby ah know! Baaaaby ah know! Beaver in the clork outhow
Slow down bitchin’ or life wont be a itchin’
Nor you know the dukes are still wine
Baaaaby… ah can’t scrape! Ah got to row…o…o then…
Cum in the tumbling dye ice!

NEXT WEEK: Dean Martin: That’s Amore.

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