Boris Quits Foreign Office Amidst “Burnout” Rumours


boris-johnson (1)

“Sod this for a game of soldiers chaps. I’m getting on my jolly old bike!”


It was being reported this morning that new Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has sensationally resigned from office just three days after his controversial appointment by prime minister, Theresa May. Sources at the Foreign Office are claiming that he’s suffering from exhaustion.

A Foreign Office aide to Mr. Johnson told us: “Boris was fine at first and gave us all an excellent motivational address when he started on Wednesday. Then, after this terrible business in Nice, I noticed he was looking a little careworn. The spring had gone from his step and he was moping around the place with hunched shoulders. He seemed to have aged 20 years overnight.

“Then, this morning, he rang the office and called in sick. I think it was the overnight attempted coup by the military in Turkey that had pushed him over the edge. He sounded like a broken man to be honest. His voice kept breaking and he was mumbling about the good old days when he was Mayor of London. Sir Anthony Eden was exactly the same after The Suez Crisis if I remember rightly.”

Johnson was unavailable for comment last night but his wife told us that he would be giving a press conference as soon as he’d finished searching for a holiday on Trip Advisor.


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  1. Brilliant and if only!!

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