Pokemon Go Linked to Bastille Day Horror



Following the horrific killing of 80 people in Nice, France, earlier today, when a speeding truck ploughed into revellers celebrating Bastille Day, there are unconfirmed reports that anti-terrorist officers are  looking into suggestions that the driver may have been concentrating on playing the hand-held game, Pokemon GO, just before the impact.

The popular phone app has already been the cause of a number of mishaps worldwide, with people falling off cliffs, walking into lamposts and into the paths of speeding vehicles while engrossed in the game

A spokesman for the company behind the game app, Nintendo, said last night: “We strongly refute this unsubstantiated rumour at this time. If it does transpire that the driver was playing Pokemon GO at the time, it’s not our problem. We do warn people not to get too distracted and to concentrate on where they’re going at all times. We can’t do more that that, right?”


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