Migrant Steals England Manager’s Job



A number of migrants pictured arriving at Calais last night ready to set themselves up as The Liberal Democratic Party 


A Romanian migrant, who has only been in the country 6 months, has reportedly taken the job of disgraced England manager, Roy Hodgson.

A spokesman for the English Football Association seemed to confirm the news last night: “Roy handed in his notice a few hours after we were shamed up by Iceland, and then, only a few hours later, we discovered this Romanian bloke sitting in Roy’s old office with his feet up on the desk, helping himself to the contents of the drinks cabinet. It was a bit of a shocker admittedly but we’re keeping him on in a caretaker role until we can find a full-time replacement”

The Migrants Society of Great Britain issued a statement last night: “This is another illustration of the need for migrants to come to this country to take the jobs that the English don’t want.”

There are now unconfirmed reports that a Polish bricklayer and a Somali short order chef have installed themselves as prime minister and leader of the opposition respectively. Both political parties are said to be relieved and delighted at the development.


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