Corbyn Tight-Lipped Following Car Park Beating From David Cameron

corbyn with missile


Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, came in for fresh criticism from his own party members last night for failing to make political capital from a severe beating he had received earlier from Prime Minister, David Cameron, who, according to an eye-witness, had attacked the pacifist opposition leader with a baseball bat in the underground car park at The House of Commons just hours before an emergency debate on terrorism yesterday afternoon.

According to the eye-witness, Cameron leapt from behind a parked car and began beating Corbyn around the head and body with the weapon until he fell to the ground. Shadow Chancellor and long-time friend of Corbyn, John McDonell, who was present during the attack, tried to intervene and grappled with Cameron, before being told by Corbyn to ” just leave it” and that “he’s not worth it”

Corbyn later appeared in The Commons looking dishevelled and unsteady before putting forward a proposal that all convicted terrorists in Britain’s jails should be given a “really itchy” blanket once a week and not allowed to watch Coronation Street every other Wednesday


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