Outcry as Whelk Sub-Editor is Hauled From Whitechapel Pub by Tourists for Selfie

Drunk_People_Are_Funny Danny pictured recuperating last night under the watchful eye of friends and well-wishers

There was outrage among the journalistic community last night after it was revealed that a young sub-editor on The Whitechapel Whelk newspaper had been dragged from his barstool in The Blind Beggar public house by a number of foreign tourists who then forcibly held the struggling youngster while they took a number of selfies alongside him.

Danny SoZ, 19, was then returned to the bar in an exhausted and highly agitated state where he required constant attention from the barmaid; who claims it took more than 6 pints of strong lager and a number of vodka and tonics with ice and lemon to calm the confused and distressed newsman.

Soz’s fellow Whelk hack; features and graphics editor, ‘The Artful Dodger’ hit out angrily when told of the incident: “Don’t these bloody people realise that to take a…

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