The Justice League Of Complimentary Men

Here’s one I penned in ‘the other place’ which lampoons the ridiculous mutual backslapping ethos of WordPress. Mainly though, it rips the piss out of my fellow humorists. Fortunately they’re a forgiving bunch and will, no doubt, be able to see the funny si…RAT TAT TAT TAT! BLAM!…BLAM!…RAT TAT TAT TAT BLAM!…UNH!…*thud*

The League of Mental Men!

super villains

“Well we wouldn’t fancy tangling with ’em I don’t mind telling yers!”

The Justice League Of Complimentary Men are a disparate band of mutant humorists, hideously deformed, but endowed with superhuman powers after being exposed to harmful gamma rays during a salon tanning session in Shoreditch, East London. Since that fateful day, this intrepid bunch of outcasts have vowed to flood the world of WordPress with totally fake, sycophantic praise and undeserved plaudits until no blogger, no matter how fucking useless and inept, remains un-bullshitted.

I give you then my friends: The Justice League Of Complimentary Men:

Clivey Dee, 19. aka Captain Crawlarse

clivey as captain crawlarse

Despite his tender years (he’s 19 incidentally), Captain C has led his valiant team of bullshit artists to some of their greatest ever disingenuous acts of crawling. His powers of sycophancy can only be described as indefatigable, and it is said that he once duped over 1000…

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