Satirical Magazine Accused Of Reaching All-Time Low

soz with george

An old front cover featuring my son’s dog smoking a cigar pictured last night

The controversial satirical magazine, Soz Satire, today stands accused of plumbing new depths of bad taste following the publication yesterday of a skit based around see-through pants.

The mag’s youthful editor, Clivey Dee, 19, last night defended the decision to use the piece, claiming it was in the public interest and would make ‘a nice change’ from the myriad general election-based spoofs that are prevalent at the moment.

A number of women’s groups, however, have hit out at the piece, calling it misogynistic and degrading to women. Jade Dell, 46, the chairwoman of Women Against Any Form Of Enjoyment, said:

“While I realise that Mr Dee is extremely youthful at the tender age of 19, I still object most strongly to his skit about transparent underwear. I don’t want to live in a society where cocks and minges are spoken about in such a jocular manner. Our children deserve to be protected from smut such as this and raised in a decent environment without having to endure a constant barrage of glistening clouts and straining¬†nobs every five minutes”

Here’s a link to the piece in question. Be advised that it contains explicit references to both male and female genitalia, along with laughable punctuation and syntax:!x-ray-pants/c1q00


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