Soz Satire’s TV Choice: My Big Fat Jihadi Wedding


BBC4. 22.30

Heart-warming comedy that follows the hilarious antics of a 15-year-old Muslim girl from East London as she’s radicalised on the internet before slipping out of the country bound for Syria.

Once there, she marries an Islamic State fighter she has never met but who looked very nice on his Twitter feed, where he’s pictured holding an assault rifle, and with a bandolier of bullets slung over his shoulder.

Fans of good old-fashioned slapstick will love this wonderful comedy of errors with it’s side-splitting female genital mutilation scene as our heroine is first raped and beaten by her deranged husband before being butchered by a Muslim sister using a lock knife.

The hilarious final denouement, in which she and her unborn child are blown to pieces in an American air-strike is guaranteed to have you crying with laughter.

Warning: Contains scenes not suitable for worried parents of missing Muslim youngsters.

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