London Man Vows To Enjoy Honeymoon On Paradise Isle Despite Bride’s Arrest At Airport

beach party

Mr Stevens (left) pictured putting a brave face on things yesterday

A 22-year-old newly-wed London man, has decided to continue with his honeymoon despite the fact that his new bride was detained at Heathrow airport by immigration officers who suspect she may have entered Britain illegally.

Chris Stevens, a plasterer from Lambeth in South London, posed happily for pictures on the beach and in various bars on the paradise island of St Lucia in the West Indies.

Speaking from outside the Coconut Beach night club, Mr Stevens said:

“I have to admit it put a bit of a dampener on things when my wife was led away by immigration, but it would have been silly to let it stand in the way of our planned trip together. With a bit of luck everything will be cleared up in a day or two and she’ll be able to join me. I’m sure it’s all a misunderstanding anyway. She’s from Ukraine originally you see. I spotted her in an online magazine a couple of months ago and it was love at first sight”

Mr Stevens was later spotted leaving the club at 3.00am, accompanied by two attractive local women.


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