Netanyahu Announces National Bacon Sandwich Day To Celebrate Election Victory

bacon sandwich

Over a million bacon sandwiches, similar to this one, are expected to be consumed as Israel ‘goes goyim’ for the day.

Jubilant newly-elected Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced that Friday 20th March will be declared National Bacon Sandwich Day to celebrate his triumph in Wednesday’s general election. This will mean that the entire populace will be given a reprieve from the Jewish ban on eating pork-based products and will be allowed to tuck into as many bacon sandwiches as they can eat.

Speaking on Israeli TV last night, Netanyahu said:

“As a mark of my gratitude to the people of Israel for returning me to power, I am declaring Friday a day of feasting and celebration. The traditional ban on non-kosher food will be waived throughout the day and bacon sandwiches will be available in all food outlets throughout the country. People will also be permitted to make their own at home, or to buy them from vendors who will be passing amongst the crowds at popular public events, such as basketball and soccer games, and the public screening of air strikes on Palestinian residential areas and schools”



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