Girl Takes Own Life After Loud Coughing Failed To Mask Toilet Splashes


A toilet, similar to the one that led to the girl’s tragic death, pictured last night.


A 19-year-old girl from Bow in East London committed suicide last week after her new boyfriend made a jokey remark about the noise she had made during a bowel movement in the toilet of his flat in nearby Shoreditch.

Jade Tracy, a beautician, threw herself in front of a tube train at Whitechapel underground station late on Thursday night after running from the flat in floods of tears.

Her boyfriend, Shay Carter, 23, broke down repeatedly as he told reporters:

“We’d only been going out together for two weeks. I invited her round to mine for a meal last Thursday and made us both spaghetti with meatballs. After the main course she had a big slice of bread pudding with custard and seemed to really enjoy it.

“At about 9.00pm she excused herself and went to the loo. It’s only a tiny flat so I could pretty much hear everything that went on, including the splashes as her chods hit the water. She made a series of loud coughing noises to mask each splashdown but she got the timing wrong a few times and there was no mistaking the fact that she must have had a full load in the bomb bay. It sounded like somebody tipping a sack of potatoes into a bucket of water to be honest.

“When she came out I made a jokey remark about it and said something about her being a good stone lighter than when she went in. At this point she burst into tears and rushed out of the flat without saying goodnight. I thought it was pretty rude in all honesty. Of course now that I know what happened I wish I’d have kept my mouth shut and just gone in after her with an air-freshener or something”

This is the second tragedy of this type in the area in recent weeks and follows on from the suicide of an 18 year old girl from Aldgate last Tuesday whose boyfriend shouted out “I’ll name that tune in one!” after she had noisily passed wind while having a sit-down tea with him and his parents at their home in Lambeth.



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