Noisy Freezer Drove Nottingham Pensioner To Kill, Court Told


Chambers (second left) pictured with Mr Hoadley (extreme left) and friends in happier times


An elderly man was given a life sentence without parole yesterday after a court learned that he had brutally murdered a long-time friend and former army comrade in a frenzied and sustained knife attack after becoming annoyed by the constant buzzing sound emanating from his new freezer.

Gerald “Inchcock” Chambers, 154, from Nottingham, was found guilty by a unanimous verdict, of the murder of Mr Garfield Hoadley, 98, an angling consultant from Fulham, West London, on May 23 2014.

The court heard how Chambers, 213, had become so incensed by the whirring sound made by the compressor on the new appliance, he armed himself with a commando style knife and drove for 12 hours to Mr Hoadley’s home before launching the frenzied attack.

Mr Hoadley, a member of the local rotary club and an accomplished amateur magician, was described by a neighbour in court as a frail and decent man and a wonderful neighbour, who, despite his lack of height and fragile 6 stone frame, “was always prepared to muck in whenever a fight broke out in the church hall”

Chambers, 327, grinned and waved to relatives in the public gallery as he was led away to serve his time.

The manufacturers of the freezer, “Moore & Co” of Nottingham, denied any responsibility for the tragedy, despite this being the second similar incident in the company’s history, following the case of a 23 year old mother of two, who cooked and ate her three-year-old toddler in 2011, after the door on the ice compartment wouldn’t shut properly.

Nottingham Daily Bugle


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