Average Woman Spends 76% Of Life Being In The Way Claims Report


Juliette Binoche accepts an Oscar for her role in The English Patient while getting in the way of a life-size replica


A recent study, conducted by The London School Of Economics, has revealed that the average adult female will spend up to three-quarters of her life getting in the way. The report, which was based on a study conducted throughout the United Kingdom, found that women from working class backgrounds were slightly more likely to get in the way, due to the fact that they spend more time in supermarkets and pubs where a large percentage of thoughtless, uncalled for, obstructions take place.

The report also found that a large number of women are prone to be in the way in the home, with over 90% of men complaining that their wife or girlfriend constantly seems to be in the way when they attempt to move around, either to get something to eat or drink, to move from one room to another or to visit the lavatory.

The government-sanctioned report, was implemented following the case last year of a London woman who got in her husband’s way so often he shot her to death as she thoughtlessly blocked his path to the cupboard under the stairs where he wanted to look for his electric drill. The man pleaded severe provocation and was subsequently given a community service order and ordered to pay £25 costs.


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