Prince Charles Tried To Make The Queen’s Throne Really Uncomfortable Claims Palace Insider

Camilla sees the funny side as Charles reveals he’s left a small land mine under the throne at Westminster Abbey

A trusted aide to heir to the throne, Prince Charles, has made the astonishing claim that the prince has used a number of ploys down the years to make the throne at Buckingham Palace as uncomfortable as possible, in a bid to hasten the abdication and  to thereby claim the throne for himself.
In a series of telephone calls to our office, in which the flunky asked that his name be withheld,  he claimed that in 1933 Charles emptied a packet of tin tacks on the seat just as The Queen was about to sit down prior to a New Years Honours List ceremony,  and that in 2004, he wired the throne up to a small hand-held generator so that he could give The Queen a series of electrical jolts while she received ambassadorial visits from foreign dignitaries. He even claims that The Prince Of Wales would  sometimes hide behind a curtain and fire a peashooter at the back of The Queen’s head during The State Opening Of Parliament.
If these allegations are proved correct it would constitute the most audacious attempt to de-throne a monarch since Mrs Simpson substituted The Orb for a fizzing bomb during the coronation of King George 

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