UKIP Leader Farrage Interns German Wife In Shed

farrage with b&w minstrels

Farrage pictured last night inspecting the contents of his attic


Leader of the right wing United Kingdom Independence Party, Nigel Farrage, last night revealed that he has interned his German born wife, Kirsten, in the garden shed at their home in Surrey.

Farrage, 75, told reporters “It was a tough decision to make but I felt it was the right thing to do for the country. The kids are a little upset admittedly, but I’ve explained to them that it was probably only a matter of time before mummy went out and took somebody’s job or committed a sexual offence of some description. To be perfectly honest I had no idea she was German when I married her. I asked her why she had a funny accent of course but she told me it was because she was from Sheffield”

Farrage then became agitated and slammed the door when reporters questioned him about the recent disappearance of a number of local Indian takeaway delivery men and the lynching of a 60 year old Italian waiter from a bistro in nearby Dorking.


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