Dementia Sufferers Ambivalent On New Government “Care Tax”

dementia sufferer

A dementia patient pictured putting a brave face on it last night


Britain’s dementia patients are said to be largely unconcerned about the latest government proposals to introduce a so-called “care tax” which will leave sufferers having to fork out a whopping two thirds of the bill for their care if they are hospitalised.

Mr Terry Maryson, 85, from Stepney in East London, and a sufferer for 15 years, merely stared blankly at our reporter when questioned before wandering out into the street in his pyjamas and slippers, while his 79 year old wife, Tracy, a fellow dementia patient with a 9 year history of the disease, tried to put the ironing board into the dishwasher before falling out of the kitchen window.

The Observer.



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3 responses to “Dementia Sufferers Ambivalent On New Government “Care Tax”

  1. Its despicable it is!!
    But, if we are going to continue funding weapons and provisions for the Iraqis, then i suppose, we have to tighten our belts. They won’t mind anyway them dementia sufferers.

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    • sozsatire

      My thoughts entirely Henry. Plus the fact it gives me a short and very welcome break from attacking the jews, niggers and arse bandits.
      Christ how I love pouring vitriol over the unprotected heads of the weaker members of society!!!!!


  2. Hey, pal! That’s a pic of me granny you’ve put up there! Wait. Maybe not. Oh, fuck it all to hell, I’ve completely forgotten what I was writing about.

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