Men Who Use Male Grooming Products 20 Times More Likely To Help With Housework Claims Survey

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A “moisturist” pictured last night prior to another gruelling day arranging his wife’s frilly pants into neat little piles before putting them away in the drawer.

A nationwide survey conducted by a leading cosmetics manufacturer has revealed that males who routinely use grooming products, such as moisturiser, fake tan, exfoliating mitts  etc, are at least 20 times more likely to help their wives or partners do the household chores.

She’s The Boss Ltd, who sampled over 10,000 men in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also revealed that men who use beauty products are far more likely to be interested in interior design, flower arranging, netball, skipping through meadows with flowers in their hair, Bette Davis movies, cookery and in-depth, heart to heart talks about relationships. The survey also revealed that three quarters of the men surveyed and who owned up to using grooming products spoke with a slight lisp and…

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