Dear Soz


Dear Soz Satire.

Americans. Put an immediate stop to the jihadist insurgency in Iraq by simply joining forces with ISIS. With your propensity to kill your own allies with friendly fire the war will be over in days.

Maj. Gen. Felicity Iron-Lung


PS. I’m allowed to tag this piece as “satire” because it’s using extreme irony tinged with bitterness to lampoon something that’s based on fact that I find ridiculous and not just trotting out formulaic old toot using people with “funny” names. 


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8 responses to “Dear Soz

  1. Dear Soz,
    I am an American, though nobody listens to me. You’re absolutely right. I know you’re real now. 🙂


    • sozsatire

      American eh? Well I’m right pleased to meet ya is all I can say.
      *dons flak jacket, tin hat and grabs K Rations before hunkering down behind sofa*


  2. There once was a man from leeds
    who swallowed a packet of seeds…
    In less than an hour
    His dick was a flower
    And his balls were covered in weeds

    There once was a man from China
    Who wasn’t a very good climber
    He slipped on a rock
    Cut off his cock
    And now, he has a vagina

    That’s all I got.


    • sozsatire

      Try The League Of Mental Men Henry old son. We love a limerick in there squire. Puns and acronyms are good too! 🙂


      • Would this be an invitation? Henry’s Game for anything. One of the boys eh? Havvit!!


      • sozsatire

        You after a job then Henry old son? Blimey you’ll have to ask old Inchy about that squire. He’s the guvnor these days. I can’t get a bleedin’ skit in for love nor money! 😉


      • Haha! He is prolific is that one…well Heney ain’t the type to just give it away. I would like to be courted first, as is proper. Then, I will do anything, once I am yours, I will, I mean Henry will do anything…any position…ahhh, are we still talking about what I think we’re talking about? I think I have missed something important?


  3. Will Inchy be seeing this course of discourse? Of course he will, horses for courses in corsets down Dorset, in big bastard blue balloons. Fuck the IRA. #freenelsonmandela… sorry, that was left wing Henry. Fuck him too.



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