Israeli Jets Target Kindergarten In Pre-Emptive, Ceasefire Breech Strike

air strike

School’s out kids!

Israeli fighter bombers have this morning destroyed a Kindergarten in Gaza, in what they claim was a pre-emptive attack in case Hamas broke the 72 hour ceasefire which was agreed upon last night.

With the Egyptian led accord only a minute old, a number of Israeli  F-16 Fighting Falcons attacked the building as children were arriving for morning lessons. Casualties at this time remain unconfirmed but it is believed that more than fifty pre-school youngsters regularly attend at this particular time of day.

A spokesman for the Israeli Defence Force told reporters “It’s pretty unfortunate that kids were caught up in our strike on a school building but that’s just life I guess. Our main objective was to lay down a clear warning to Hamas that Israel will not tolerate a breach of the ceasefire under any circumstances and I guess you could say we did just that. After all it wouldn’t be the first time those treacherous sonsofbitches have screwed us over would it?”

Press Association


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