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Dear Soz Satire

I was watching a BBC television programme last evening, which featured filmed footage of a number of World War I veterans talking about their experiences in the trenches during the so-called Great War. To my amazement some of these men were in their 90s and there was even a chap of 102 giving his account. What a magnificent testament to our fighting forces that even when we send out a bunch of old age pensioners against the Hun we still emerge victorious. I mean to say some of these men were in wheelchairs for God’s sake!

Neville Diseased-Lung



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7 responses to “Dear Soz

  1. I rather like Neville Diseased-Lung – wish I’d thought of him.

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    The war to end all wars…
    La der des ders like the French soldiers said.
    Something went terribly wrong.

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  3. nor women either – thank Gawd !

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    • P.S. I’m sure one or two of those ‘women’ are men in drag – [probably draft dodgers!] 😆


    • sozsatire

      No offence son but would you mind not “lolling” in here? This is a lol-free zone you see. I find Facebook acronyms a bit on the gay side to be brutally honest, so I feel honour bound to nip this in the bud. I mean where will it all end otherwise? You’ll be ROTFLYAO next!


  4. fair do’s

    your blog

    your rules



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