Israel Launch Retaliatory Strike On Maternity Hospital Following Tel Aviv Woman’s Dust On Washing Claim

wounded child

Stop this fucking butchery! Damn you all to hell!

Israeli jet fighters have attacked and destroyed a maternity hospital in Gaza in what is believed to be a retaliatory strike after a woman in Tel Aviv reported dust particles on her sheets, possibly caused by debris from a Hamas rocket, which exploded 40 miles away in a nearby, uninhabited desert region The incident took place shortly after she’d hung them out to dry yesterday afternoon.

The sustained attack by F-16 Fighting Falcons has reportedly completely destroyed the hospital resulting in the deaths of at least 50 pregnant women and 23 newborn infants, according to the latest United Nations estimates.

A spokesman for The Israeli Defence Force told a press conference “While we regret the loss of life we cannot just stand idly by while our womenfolk have their washing ruined by terrorist factions. This poor women had only just hung those sheets out to dry. A few minutes later and it could have been her husband’s pants and socks that bore the brunt also”

This latest escalation in the conflict will no doubt bring further claims of excessive IDF force from the international community following last weeks targeting of a kindergarten playground resulting in the deaths of 43 toddlers and 5 nursery workers, after a woman in the border town of Afula claimed that a Hamas Scud Missile had caused interference on her television causing her to miss the end of Desperate Housewives.

Associated Press


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10 responses to “Israel Launch Retaliatory Strike On Maternity Hospital Following Tel Aviv Woman’s Dust On Washing Claim

  1. Reblogged this on mikesteeden and commented:
    5 star serious satire!


  2. Lionel Sir there is a fine comment from an American lady on the reblog of this that is worth a read. A good woman.


  3. I apologize for I could not finish reading your post. My eyes stopped after the words, “deaths of at least 50 pregnant woman…” Such an important message you have here, Such a waste of innocence. When will it stop? When????


    • sozsatire

      For as long as there are kings, despots and politicians safely ensconced in their ivory towers, willing and able to countenance the slaughter of innocents in their quest for wealth, power and dominance over their perceived enemies, this kind of obscenity will never cease.
      It doesn’t look good in all honesty does it?
      Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to comment.

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  4. Reading some good stuff here, I actually never knew you were real! Found you via Mike Steeden 🙂



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