Dear Soz


Dear Soz Satire.

I own my own home but have recently fallen on hard times. A couple of weeks ago I broke into the local prison to steal a television set from one of the cells. Just as I was making my escape I was spotted by one of the prisoners who tried to prevent me getting away.  I immediately drew a gun and shot him a number of times before making good my escape. To my utter disgust I was arrested a few days later and charged with attempted murder while the convicted felon concerned got off scot free. Once again it’s a case of one law for the wrongdoer and another for poor old Joe Public

Max Impacted-Stool

The Isle Of Wight


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2 responses to “Dear Soz

  1. Disgusting! I shall be writing to my local prison and voicing my concern at the way in which Mr Stool was treated. Terrible.
    Mr J Ripper.

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